If you are searching for a government job, you should not pass up the Capital Development Authority CDA Jobs. To submit an application for a position with CDA, interested individuals should now use the provided email address. Everything you need to know about CDA job openings, eligibility requirements, and application procedures can be found on the CDA’s website. All of these positions demand a Master’s degree or its equivalent along with three years of relevant work experience. The Capital Development Agency (CDA) will hold an open examination for all available positions. The Capital Development Authority advertises open jobs in a number of places to attract qualified candidates. Departments like project management and quality assurance have their own sections for these kinds of job listings. If someone is seeking employment, they can also get in touch with the CDA.

Vacancies of Positions

01 Cardiac Surgeon
02 Cardiologist Interventional
03 Hematologist
04 Surgeon Urology
05 Associate Cardiac Anesthetist
06 Associate Anesthetist
07 Registrar Cardiac Surgery
08 Associate Cardiac Surgeon
09 Intensivist
10 Associate Cardiologist Interventional
11 Associate Pulmonologist
12 Associate Physician
13 Associate Radiologist
14 Associate Gynecologist
15 Deputy Director Medical
16 Physiotherapist
17 Medical Officer
18 Assistant Anesthetist
19 Clinical Bio Chemist
20 Perfusionist
21 Librarian
22 Staff Nurse
23 Technologist Imaging
24 Technologist Nuclear
25 Bio-Medical Associate Engineer

26 Sub Engineer Electronics
27 Laundry Supervisor
28 Store Keeper
29 Junior Technician Dental
30 Junior Technician Cardiac Anesthesia
31 Junior Technician Anesthesia
32 Junior Technician Cardiac Operation Theater
33 Junior Technician Operation Theater
34 Junior Technician Endoscopy
35 Junior Technician Sterilization
36 Junior Technician Endoscopy
37 Junior Technician LHV
38 Junior Technician Medical Transcriptionist
39 Junior Technician Radiographer
40 Junior Technician Dispenser
41 Junior Technician ECG
42 Junior Technician Oxygen
43 Junior Technician Midwife
44 Junior Technician Blood Bank
45 Junior Technician Physiotherapy
46 Lady HouseKeeper
47 Telephone Operator
48 Head Cook
49 Tailor
50 Security Guard
51 Boiler Attendant
52 Cook
53 X-Ray Attendant
54 Masalchi/Bearer
55 ECG Attendant Female
56 OT Assistant
57 Cleaner
58 Khakroob
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Management Positions Available at the Capital Region Development Agency

Islamabad’s infrastructure expansion falls under the purview of the Capital Development Authority. Housing, transportation, education, healthcare, and nutrition are just some of the many responsibilities of the CDA. The Islamabad Highway is the most latest development by CDA in the city of Islamabad. The Highway is ten lanes wide and three kilometers long, and it charges expensive tolls. To better serve the people of Pakistan and their economic requirements, the Capital Development Authority CDA was established. Islamabad, the federal capital, and a few other minor cities owe their existence to its efforts. The goal is to increase employment opportunities and encourage international investment in Pakistan. The Capital Development Authority is a government agency in Pakistan charged with enhancing the nation’s administrative centers. They are trying to make the main cities of Pakistan’s infrastructure and public spaces better.

Warning CDA Employment Opportunities

Under the West Pakistan Town Planning and Development ordinance, CDA was established as the first body to oversee the planning, development, and management of the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT). The Federal Government has established the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to oversee the improvement and maintenance of Islamabad. Islamabad Capital Territory’s primary regulatory body, planning and development organization is the Capital Development Authority (CDA). Its purpose is to promote the healthy development of information and communication technologies and their supporting infrastructure. Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan, is under the jurisdiction of the Capital Development Authority (CDA). Under the Capital Development Authority Ordinance, it was formed.

The Pakistani government has formed the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to oversee and control the urbanization of the country and to provide urban residents with access to essential public services and amenities. As the nation’s capital, Islamabad is now under the purview of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), which is tasked with creating a prosperous, aesthetically pleasing metropolis. Various national and international organizations, including the Planning and Development Division, work with the agency to lay the groundwork for sustainable development in Islamabad.

Tips for CDA Employees

Consider becoming a part of Pakistan’s Capital Development Authority (CDA). CDA is a federal organization that oversees Islamabad’s growth and improvement. Since the late 1960s, the Capital Development Authority CDA has played a crucial role in the growth of the metropolis. Construction, architectural and engineering design, city planning, environmental and landscape design, urban and rural forestry management, and urban and rural cleaning are just some of the many services provided by Capital Development Authority CDA for the city. The Capital Development Authority (or CDA) is hiring for a wide variety of positions across the organization. Working at the Capital Development Authority CDA is about more than just making a living; it is about making a life.

Islamabad’s growth is the responsibility of the Capital Development Authority, a government agency. The Parliament of Pakistan created it so that the country’s rapidly expanding populace would have access to better infrastructure and well-planned urban expansion. For such an endeavor, it is necessary to fill the Capital Development Authority with competent individuals. Contact CDA today if you are interested in a rewarding and stimulating job in urban and regional planning. It is a good idea to check the CDA’s employment listings page regularly to see if any suitable openings have arisen.

Pakistan’s Capital Development Authority has grown faster than any other government agency. Engineering, project management, redevelopment, planning, design, finance, administration, legal, human resources, etc. are just some of the many divisions within the CDA. Many high-paying jobs and convenient opportunities can be found within the CDA. CDA is the Pakistani government agency in charge of creating the nation’s new capital. Pakistan’s city is expanding, necessitating an influx of new residents. CDA’s website features all current employment openings.

Capital Development Authority Islamabad CDA Jobs 2023

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