Male and female Pakistani nationals are encouraged to apply for positions in the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission PAEC, a progressive public sector organization. It is an equal-opportunity company, thus female applicants are actively encouraged. Send your resume to: CareerJobs1737, P.O. Box 1737, Islamabad, Pakistan. For more information, though, please check out www.careerjobs1737.com.

Vacancies of Positions

General Manager
Assistant Manager
Assistant Technical Officer
Computer Operator
Newspaper-Daily Jang

Agreement Terms for Jobs on CareerJobs1737.com

But, by General consent, age restrictions have been loosened by up to five years. Thus, all prospective candidates have access to it. Moreover, there has been a five-year blanket reduction in the maximum age allowed. That is why the law’s age restriction, along with any other age exemptions granted by the government, is subject to periodic revision. Thus, the minimum and maximum age requirements will be determined as of the application deadline. A ten-year age exemption, up to 55, is the result. Those Civil Servants who have been continuously employed by the Government for a minimum of two years as of the application deadline, per office order. Further age reductions may be granted in accordance with government regulations. However Applications that are not complete or are filled out incorrectly will not be considered. However, Applicants must complete and submit their own online applications. Hence, apply for multiple positions if you are interested.

Hence Documents must be sent in their original form. in a similar vein during the interview. The same holds true for candidates, who can simply opt out of the interview process altogether. Additionally, if a legal proceeding resulted in a conviction. Hence fired as a result of inadequate work performance. In addition, deliberately provides any misleading information. He also avoids disclosing anything that could lead to his disqualification. Hence Inappropriate efforts to garner votes for his campaign. But he changes his age and his degrees on his official documents. Acted inappropriately during the interview, too. In addition, we reserve the right to correct any errors or omissions. Hence The application deadline shall serve as the date by which candidates must meet the eligibility requirements. The appointment decision issued by the competent authority would also be final and unappealable. Hence, if the last day for application submission is a national holiday, the application will be accepted the next business day. In a similar vein, the closure date will be the following business day.

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