When considering career options, why not consider employment with the Pakistani Federal Government? Those seeking to advance their careers internationally can choose from a wide range of positions offered by the federal government. Employees in the federal government come from all walks of life, and they work on issues spanning economic growth, environmental protection, globalisation, communications, and more. You need to be a Pakistani citizen and have at least a first-division matriculation score to work for the federal government. This is one of the many prerequisites for entering the civil service. There are a number of criteria you must satisfy before submitting a job application. The government is searching for qualified and capable individuals who can effect positive change in their respective agencies.

Title Federal Govt of Pakistan Jobs 2023
Posted On 2023-02-13
Employment Type Full Time
Hiring Organization Federal Govt of Pakistan
Location Islamabad
Base Salary PKR

Detail / Vacancies

Senior Personal Assistant
Senior Assistant
Data Entry Operator
Junior Personal Assistant
Junior Assistant
Sub Assistant
Staff Car Driver
Dispatch Rider
Naib Qasid
Newspaper- Daily DAWN

Important Note for Federal Government Careers

To express your support for our government’s efforts to make Pakistan a better place, please consider applying for a job in the Federal Government. Pakistan has millions of people living in it. Government officials are working tirelessly to address this issue. In order to hire enough skilled workers to keep up with the growing population, they’ve begun looking abroad. There are many chances for persons who wish to make a difference in the world to work for the federal government. Their website details the open vacancies and how to apply. If you are seeking for a way to aid Pakistan, please think about working for the Federal Government in Pakistan. It is common knowledge that Pakistan has had trouble in recent years boosting economic growth and reducing poverty. I’ll be talking about a few jobs in the Pakistani federal government that can get you there.

Pre Eminence

In Pakistan, thousands of government jobs have been created this year alone. Jobs in the postal service, customs, and accounting are just some of the many types of government careers available in Pakistan. Therefore, animal advocates can find work in the field in Pakistan. Applying for a government job in Pakistan can be done in a number of different ways, including via email, fax, mail, or in-person at a Director’s Services office.Research the company and the position’s expectations thoroughly before applying. As with many other countries, Pakistan’s government employees enjoy a number of perks. Stability is commonly associated with jobs in the government. In Pakistan, the federal government is a good source for a variety of employment opportunities.These occupations range from low-paying to high-paying and offer both full and part-time work.

Note for Federal Government Jobs

In Pakistan, the Federal Government plays a significant role in everyday life. There wouldn’t be any highways to travel on, classrooms for kids to learn in, or hospitals to get treatment at if not for the Federal Government. There are a wide variety of jobs available in the Federal Government, from scientists to politicians. What are the requirements for a career in politics? Having experience in public speaking, being knowledgeable about the country’s history, and being a professional are all essential. For those who happen to possess such abilities, a career in the Federal Government is an excellent option. A well-trained civil service and a free and fair judicial system are hallmarks of this country.


Culturally and historically, Pakistan is a fascinating destination. If you want to make a difference in a nation on the rise, working for the federal government is a fantastic option. There are a few paths you can take to land a job in the Pakistani Federal Government. Pakistan values the work done by those who are not citizens of the country. You can work for the Pakistani government even if you aren’t a native Pakistani. One need not be a citizen of Pakistan to work for the federal government. It is common for foreigners to find work in the government sector in Pakistan.


Professionals from all over the world can take advantage of the many opportunities in engineering, information technology, and accounting that the government of Pakistan provides. Planning and development, law and justice, education, health and social welfare, labour and production, and the like are the primary areas of employment in the Government of Pakistan. Numerous positions within the Pakistani government are open to qualified international candidates. Engineers, administrators, accountants, educators, healthcare professionals, medical professionals, mental health counsellors, and so on are all needed in the federal government. If you are a Jobseeker in the government, you have the following options:

Federal Government Jobs 2023 in Islamabad

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