No better spot to start a career. The Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) of Pakistan helps job seekers as a government body. Pakistan’s Federal Public Service Commission offers great job opportunities. Pakistan’s top selecting body is the FPSC. It hires for Pakistan’s highest judges, government, and military. The Federal Merit Systems Protection Council (FPSC) was established to protect public workers’ rights and benefits, enhance government service, and keep ability the main factor in hiring and promotion. The Federal Public Service Commission accepts applications in Islamabad, Lahore, Quetta, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, and Karachi. The FPSC’s website, fpsc.gov.pk, has application material and resume submission.

Title Federal Public Service Commission Jobs 2023
Posted On 2023-02-26
Employment Type Full Time
Hiring Organization Federal Public Service Commission
Location Islamabad
Base Salary PKR

Vacancies of Positions

Assistant Private Secretary
Junior Librarian
Director HRDC
Medical Officer
Superintendent Engineer
Executive Engineer
Store Officer
Intelligence Officer
Inspector Inland Revenue
Research Officer
Planning Officer
Survey officer
Secondary School Teacher SST
Assistant Information Officer
Newspaper- Daily Mashriq

Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) Managerial Positions

Federal Service Council FPSC jobs in Pakistan are great for serving one’s nation. The sovereign Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) oversees federal government hiring. These jobs offer medical coverage, retirement plans, holiday pay, and other cash support. You can also work with bright minds on exciting projects. They are also hiring.

Pakistan’s Federal Public Service Commission now accepts applications (FPSC). This is for federal officer applicants. Apply online for FPSC’s many open jobs. You need five years of industry expertise and an intermediate education to apply. Candidates must also pass both parts of the Federal Service Commission’s Competitive Test. Category-specific application fees are due now.

To the FPSC:

British India’s first Public Service Commission was created. The Government of India Act’s plan established Pakistan’s FPSC Commission when the time was ripe. The FPSC group also meets. Per Pakistan’s law. The Rules of Commerce and FPSC Laws allow it to self-regulate. The FPSC Commission has complete fiscal autonomy, enabling it to exercise its considerable powers.

The FPSC Commission’s Chairman and Members perform its core tasks. Thus, the Pakistani President chooses the Chairman. Pakistan’s Islamic Law says otherwise. The Pakistani Prime Minister advises the President, like the President tasks people. The Secretary organizes the Committee. Thus, the Commission, its Office, and Governmental Entities.

Required Skills for a Job in the FPSC

Prior to the termination date for accommodation of utilization, the suggested educational abilities and legitimate enrollment with PEC and such other organizations where material is likely to be acquired. There will be no consideration given to competitor uses whose results are not officially submitted by the Controller of Examination by the latest end date. Along with the necessary documentation, there should be evidence of the outcomes declaration. The Recruitment Guidelines for a given position govern the requirements for entry into that position. Emerging professionals whose degrees are either foreign or homegrown but are otherwise equivalent to those required for the position in question must present the capable authority with copies of all relevant records and endorsements at the time of accommodation.

Work History in the FPSC

The Commission will not accept future cases based on their requests. After mastering essential but unrecognized skills, “post capability experience” refers to work-related knowledge and skills. On-the-job training, salary expertise, and unexpected services are examples. The post-capability experience period starts with initial participation, which should be after capability achievement, and ends with the end date. You will not learn from being a spoiled brat, hostage, or internee.

Businesses, banks, non-governmental organizations, and others will be credited for their knowledge and expertise if they have been properly enlisted and fused with the relevant government office or foundation for cooperation and granted a reference number. Any overlap with post-capacity training will be disallowed. The Commission decides if a foreign or Pakistani competence is comparable to one in Pakistan.

FPSC Job Application

Apply for public enrollment at www.fpsc.gov.pk. Candidates who do not use the website can send their applications on plain paper by the deadline with envelopes addressed to Secretary FPSC. Thus, giving concrete details in the context of recommended job requirements may signal difficulties in accommodating online applications. Application recognition requires Commission approval. The FPSC website offers the complete way for internet use. Applicants with online accessibility issues can call or write the FPSC Help Center. Candidates should apply before the cutoff.

Guidelines for Applying to Positions at the FPSC

Online registrations need not be printed. Before the deadline, applicants can fix any mistakes in their web applications. The online registration form will use your most recent details. Since they were not included in the online application, case studies of later participation are seen as a stretch and an effort to qualify. Private organization instances will not be allowed. The FPSC webpage has your General Recruitment Case Screening Written Exam Certificate. Thus, peers should visit this site.

No mail will carry such material. Candidates must show their unique CNIC, the original Treasury Receipt for the position fee, and a saved copy of the Admission Certificate to the FPSC Supervisory Staff at the Screening or Written Test.

Common Questions About Working for the FPSC

Job applications follow this process.

Check the ad notice above to see if you can apply for this job online, by email, or by mail. However, submissions are due before the cutoff.

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We assist our esteemed guests with online applications.

Who gets exams and interviews?
Most crucially, only the top candidates will be contacted for testing and interviews.

Do these jobs cover travel and lodging?
However, those chosen for a test or interview will not receive travel reimbursement.

The question is how to discover more appropriate job openings.
Therefore, we regularly update jobgar.com so that you can discover a wide range of job openings on the site.

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