Looking for a hard and fulfilling job as a Pakistani citizen? Pakistan’s armed forces have a top-tier engineering and building agency in the form of the Military Engineering Services, or MES. People from Pakistan can find the best job possibilities at MES. MES is the Pakistani military’s engineering and construction organization. It is based in Rawalpindi. An integral part of the Pakistani military is the Military Engineering Services. The agency is responsible for taking on some of the most complex engineering and building endeavors in the country. Citizens of Pakistan can find meaningful work at MES. MES is dedicated to serving Pakistan and the surrounding area with eco-friendly engineering and building services. The MES is in search of hardworking and talented individuals to fill open positions. Many Pakistanis would love to find out more about the MES job opportunities that are currently available in their country. MES provides advantages for both businesses and their staff.

Detail / Vacancies

Head Clerk BPS-14
Stenotypist BPS-14
Sub Engineer Buildings & Roads Grade-ll BPS-11
Sub Engineer Electrical Grade-ll BPS-11
Associate Engineer Mechanical Grade-ll BPS-11
Upper Division Clerk BPS-11
Draughtsman Class ‘A,’ Senior Draughtsman, Senior CAD Designer, Lower Division Clerk, BPS-09, and BPS-11, respectively
Class ‘B’ Draughtsman, Junior CAD Designer, or Junior Draughtsman BPS-07
Laboratory Assistant BPS-09
Storeman BPS-05
Copier Operator BPS-05
Civil Driver / MT Driver BPS-04
Dispatch Rider BPS-04
Waiter BPS-04
Daughtry BPS-02
Naib Qasid BPS-01
Mali BPS-01
Chowkidar BPS-01
Sanitary Worker / Khakroob / Sweeper BPS-01
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Vacancies in the Military Engineering Field Recruitment System for Engineering Positions

For those with initiative and the desire to make a difference, few places on Earth offer the same opportunities as one of the world’s most populous countries. MES is an organization of professionals dedicated to providing exceptional expertise. Qualified individuals are sought after in a number of its divisions at the present time. Although our services are primarily geared toward the military, MES also does an excellent job for our civilian customers. Anyone interested in a career in military engineering are encouraged to apply to Military Engineering Services. Excellent employment opportunities are available in both the private and public sectors in MES. Engineering Services in the Military Since its formation, MES Private Sector has been serving as an intermediary between major growth regions in Pakistan and some of the world’s most prestigious corporations. When working with MES Public Sector, you will have the rare chance to aid in the improvement of public facilities in a government setting.

About MES

In order to understand how the Military Engineer Services came to be, one must go back to the British Raj and the growth of the Indian Army. There appeared to be a Public Works Department (PWD) that was profoundly affected by the Military Board due to the military’s planning needs taking precedence over those of other workplaces. The Corps of Engineers, who came from both within and outside the military, spied on the workplace. Military engineers, who kept a close eye on the PWD, separated it into the military works branch, the civil works branch (which included irrigation and railway), and the military works branch.

The Director General of Military Works (DGMW) had the unique opportunity to communicate directly with the Commander in Chief on all matters pertaining to his Department, which he took full use of by rebranding his branch as Military Works Services.

Referring to MES

The Military Works Service was originally known as the Military Engineer Services, and its operations are briefly summarized in the following excerpt from Army Instruction. A comprehensive formula for dispersing the MES was adopted at the time of Independence, when the Indian military was reformed for the mission of the spaces of Pakistan and India. Cantonments under Northern Command were assumed to become the Pakistan Army’s MES on the basis of territory, with East Bengal in mind and East Punjab avoided. As a result, the Engineer in Chief of Pakistan had considerable sway over the MES’s Northern Command.

Warning for Anyone Seeking Employment in the Military’s Engineer Services

The Pakistani government established Military Engineer Services by merging the Army Engineering Corps and the Air Force Construction Corps. They are used for a wide range of purposes, such as the creation of infrastructure (like roads and bridges) and the upkeep of fortifications (like airfields) for the military. Also, they work together with the Pakistan Army Corps of Engineers to repair and maintain military equipment and facilities. When it comes to providing aid to the armed forces, the MES is without peer. Bridge and road building, as well as the upkeep of military airfields and garrisons, are just some of the many important tasks that these individuals perform for the military. The Pakistan Army Corps works with MES as well.

Superiority in Military Engineer Service Employment Opportunities

A large number of different ethnicities and religious groups call Pakistan home. There is also a large number of engineers among its powerful military force. MES Intelligence, logistics, and construction are just a few of the various military specialties that employ engineers. And while military engineers are prohibited from working on civilian projects, they are permitted to do so on infrastructure projects in other countries. The construction of structures, infrastructure, and transportation systems on a military base falls under the purview of military engineers. They are also in charge of building short-term constructions including barracks, water tanks, warehouses, gas stations, and other utilities. Military engineers are useful not only for designing these facilities but also for supervising their developm

Military Engineer Services MES Jobs 2023Military Engineer Services MES Jobs 2023

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