Production in the Ministry of Defense The Ministry of Defense (MoDP) is responsible for meeting the country’s security and defence requirements and promoting national security and defence through the development of strategic and non-strategic defence products. The MoDP is primarily concerned with the production of military equipment, the development of indigenous defence technology and the industrialization of defence products. The Ministry of Defence Production is the Military Industry. Islamabad is home to the Ministry’s main office.It is a ministry of the Government of Pakistan that deals with the procurement and production of military equipment and supplies. The Ministry of Defence Production in Pakistan is responsible for supplying the Pakistani armed forces with cutting-edge weaponry.The MoDP also oversees procurement, development, research and testing as well as operational deployment of all weapons and equipment.Islamabad Ministry of Defense Production employment opportunities.

Detail / Vacancies

Assistant Works Manager
Senior Librarian
Assistant Librarian
Lower Division Clerk LDC
Junior Clerk
Highly Skilled
Security Assistant
Semi-Skilled Trainee
Naib Qasid
Labor Unskilled Manual
Security Worker
Sanitary Worker
Newspaper- Daily Express

Important Remark Regarding Ministry of Defence Production Positions

Ministry of Defence Production is a government department that is responsible for the manufacturing and maintenance of military equipment, including the development of nuclear weapons. Its objective is to develop, produce, purchase and maintain defensive equipment for the armed forces of Pakistan. The Ministry of Defence Production (MoDP) is responsible for the manufacturing of defence equipment and control of the scientific and technological components of the nation’s defence sector. MoDP’s aims are to raise the level of indigenous manufacture of defence equipment and to promote self-reliance in defence production. It is a Government of Pakistan defence production body responsible for the military production demands of the Armed Services. The agency was founded by the Ministry of Defence Production Act, after the merger of the Defence Export Promotion Organisation with the Defence Industries Organisation. The MoDP is responsible for the manufacturing of defence equipment, development, and the production of conventional weapons.

The Ministry is responsible for coordinating the manufacturing of military equipment and armament for the Pakistan Armed Forces. The department was created by the merger of the MoDP and the National Logistics Cell to streamline the defence procurement and production sector. The Ministry of Defense Production (MoDP) coordinates the development of military hardware and supports domestic defence industry.The Ministry plays a pivotal role in expanding the domestic manufacturing sector. Defense research and engineering are its purview, and they are integral to the creation of modern weapons. The Ministry of Defense is in charge of all homegrown defence equipment, including its procurement, production, upkeep, and eventual disposal. The Pakistani Ministry of Defense Production is the government agency with overall responsibility for improving the country’s military-ready defence manufacturing infrastructure and technologies. It is a Ministerial Division under the Ministry of Defense and functions as an auxiliary department.

Ministry of Defence Production Jobs 2023

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