The Ministry of Maritime Affairs is in charge of establishing, coordinating, and enforcing policy on the international relations of the coastal regions under its purview. It patrols domestic waterways in search of foreign naval vessels and pays visits to foreign commerce ships operating there. It can also detain foreign nationals who are accused of breaking maritime rules. Department of Marine Resources A division of Pakistan’s Ministry of Defense, MOMA Jobs was created to advertise available military jobs. It was under the name Pakistan Shipping Corporation that MOMA first opened its doors. MOMA was founded to help public and private entities make the most of the maritime economy. To create maritime strategy in light of Pakistan’s international obligations is one of the main goals of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs. To control the operations of all businesses involved in shipping and transportation on the high seas. Equally important is safeguarding and strengthening Pakistan’s merchant marine. The same applies to the goal of establishing a thriving maritime sector in Pakistan.


Title Ministry of Maritime Affairs Careers 2023
Posted On 2023-02-18
Employment Type Full Time
Hiring Organization Ministry of Maritime Affairs
Location Islamabad
Base Salary PKR

Vacancies of Positions

Managing Director
Boat Operator
Chief Nautical Surveyor
Deputy Chief Nautical Surveyor
Newspaper- Daily Express

Notice for MOMA Employment at the Ministry of Marine Affairs

The Federal Government Agency Responsible for Marine Issues Pakistan’s Ministry of National Highways and Motorways Administration (MOMA) is in charge of the country’s transportation and commerce. The Government of Pakistan has a ministry called the Ministry of Maritime Affairs (MoMA) that deals with maritime issues. A port and shipping minister currently oversees the department. At the Ministry of Marine Affairs, the Shipping Division and the Ports Division handle shipping and port operations, respectively. The Government of Pakistan’s Ministry of Maritime Affairs is responsible for developing and overseeing the country’s marine policy, strategies, and programmes of action. To streamline Pakistan’s maritime affairs, MOMA collaborates closely with the Ministry of Defense and other sister departments. The Government of Pakistan has a Ministry of Maritime Affairs responsible for the management and expansion of the country’s ports and waterways.

Policy development and implementation for shipping and navigational aids is under MOMA’s purview as well. All matters pertaining to the overseas territories and the seas are handled by the Ministry of Marine Affairs. The Minister of Marine Affairs (MOMA) oversees maritime policy and is based at this building. For maritime matters and the fisheries industry, MOMA is the go-to authority. The Marine Resources Organization and Management Authority (MOMA) was established to advance and carry out federal plans, policies, and programmes related to the growth and management of marine resources. The Maritime Affairs Ministry is a subset of the Defense Ministry. The Ministry’s major responsibility is to establish and uphold international maritime law and order, promote regional economic cooperation, and guarantee the safety of Pakistan’s marine area. Anti-piracy efforts, illegal trade activity regulation, and energy security are only some of the marine security-related concerns that it is tackling.


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Ministry of Maritime Affairs MOMA Jobs 2023

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