Southwest Asia’s Balochistan is characterised by its arid climate, low population density, and rugged terrain. It also includes a portion of western Iran and sections of the southern and southwestern regions of Pakistan. The area covered by Balochistan is almost three and a half times that of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK). Balochistan is the largest province in Pakistan in terms of land area (400,814 km2) and accounts for nearly 44% of the country’s total land area. It is the most populous province in the country, accounting for 19% of the total population, and it also has the most land area of any province. The capital of the province is located in Quetta, the largest city. Both geographically and climatically, Southern Balochistan and Northern Balochistan are significantly distinct from one another. During the course of history, this area has served as a demarcation point between Iran and Afghanistan. It is a land of rough mountains, attractive valleys, untamed deserts, magnificent sandy beaches, and other beautiful locations. There are a lot of beautiful spots in this land. Balochistan, the New Employment available in Quetta as well as in other locations in Balochistan. After finishing the necessary steps, one can similarly obtain these professional opportunities in Balochistan, Pakistan.

Title Govt of Balochistan Careers 2023
Posted On 2023-02-18
Employment Type Full Time
Hiring Organization Government of Balochistan
Location Quetta
Base Salary PKR

Detail / Vacancies

Junior Architect
Senior Draftsman
Sub Divisional Officer
Senior Registrar
Excise & Taxation Officer
Field Archaeologist
Assistant Director
Museum Guide
Archaeological Engineer
Archaeologist Chemist
Assistant Curator
Draws man
Technical Officer
Database Administrator
Newspaper- Daily Jang

Warning for Anyone Seeking New Employment in Balochistan

It is the province that takes up the most overall land area, accounting for 44% of Pakistan’s total landmass. It is the country’s largest and most southernmost province, and it shares borders with Punjab and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas to the northeast, Sindh to the southeast, the It is bordered to the south by the Arabian Sea, to the west by Iran, to the north-west by Afghanistan, and to the north by the Punjab province.The Punjab province is located in the north of the country. The province of Balochistan can be found all the way in the southwestern corner of Pakistan. It has been estimated that the total land area of the province is roughly 347,190 square kilometres. Quetta, the capital of Pakistan’s Balochistan province, is the largest district in the country. Because of its abundant natural riches and advantageous location in the geographic centre of Asia, the province of Balochistan is an important part of Pakistan.

The Highest Eminence

In terms of land mass, Balochistan is Pakistan’s most extensive province. Quetta serves as both the capital of this province and its largest city. In the eighteenth century, when Ahmad Shah Durrani was in power, the region was known as the Kalat State. It is the only province in Pakistan that is further broken into districts, making it unique among the country’s provinces. Balochi and Pashto are the predominant languages, however Urdu is also widely spoken and understood throughout the province. By the close of the nineteenth century, colonial rule was imposed on the region that is now known as Balochistan. Before coming under the influence of the British East India Company, Balochistan was a land that was dominated and partitioned by a number of different tribes and khanates. Balochistan, on the other hand, can be found in the southwestern part of Pakistan, right in between the Iran border and the Indus River. The population of this province is estimated to be in the millions, and its landmass spans roughly 347,000 square kilometres. Moreover, it is partitioned into districts and divisions.

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