In Pakistan, the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission is the single greatest employer of highly educated and skilled professionals in the scientific and technological fields. The Atomic Energy Commission of Pakistan is actively recruiting dedicated individuals for open positions. All nuclear power stations in Pakistan are managed and run by the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC). Jobs of many kinds are available at PAEC for those who are eligible. PAEC offers its employees competitive compensation, premium benefits, and stimulating work. The successful candidate will have strong interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work effectively in a team setting. There is a long line of available positions in the PAEC organization, and they cover a wide variety of fields and responsibilities. These positions are available to any Pakistani citizen who meets the stated qualifications. Those who meet the educational requirements will be considered for the PAEC position.

Title Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Jobs 2023
Posted On 2023-02-20
Employment Type Full Time
Hiring Organization Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission
Location Islamabad
Base Salary PKR

Vacancies of Positions

Computer Operator
Junior Assistant-I
Scientific Assistant-II
Junior Assistant-II
Scientific Assistant-III
General Attendant
Newspaper- Daily the nation

Positions Open for Technical Experts at the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission PAEC

Start your future with PAEC by sending in your application right now. There will be very stringent safety regulations that you must follow while on the job. Exciting and rewarding opportunities await you at PAEC. PAEC offers a difficult work environment, significant duties, and benefits that are proportional to these demands. The Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) is a government agency that conducts nuclear energy and scientific research in Pakistan. According to its website, PAEC’s mission is to “plan, promote, coordinate, and execute” peaceful nuclear power and atomic energy projects. In order to investigate, monitor, control, and inspect nuclear facilities and waste management activities, etc., and to promote and coordinate research and development efforts in the nuclear power/atomic energy sector.

Please Read If You Are Interested In A Career With PAEC

In Pakistan, nuclear electricity comes from PAEC, which also handles transmission and distribution. To that end, PAEC also conducts studies in the areas of nuclear technology and nuclear waste management. Organization of Pakistan for Atomic Energy Studies The Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, or PAEC, is a government agency that conducts groundbreaking research on a global scale. It is the PAEC’s job to ensure the safety of the country’s nuclear arsenal. They are now officially recognized as a separate government agency in Pakistan. They are also conducting studies in fields including nuclear physics, chemistry, metallurgy, and many more.

Among the highest-ranking and most-respected organizations in all of Pakistan is the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC). It has been supplying its clients with nuclear power that is safe, reliable, and reasonably priced. Only PAEC, at present, has perfected the technology necessary to produce nuclear power at reasonable costs. Providing its clients with affordable energy options is a priority for PAEC. In order to increase PAEC’s market presence and customer base, the company has formed a Strategic Business Unit for Nuclear Energy Marketing.

The purpose of forming PAEC was to investigate ways to advance nuclear weaponry and space exploration. Through the succeeding decades, PAEC established itself as a national leader in the field of nuclear power generation. In addition, it plays a crucial role as a national hub for nuclear innovation and security. In addition to producing electricity, PAEC also designs and manufactures components for use in nuclear reactors and nuclear fuel. The group’s mission was to study nuclear energy and find ways to safely and effectively use it for nonmilitary applications. You can get an application for work at the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission by visiting

Tell me where I may get information on how to apply for these positions.

Inquisitive Job-Seekers should review the aforementioned Ad announcement for details on how to apply (online, through email, or by mail). However, applications received after the deadline will not be processed.

To whom may I address my request for assistance with the application form?We do, indeed, help our illustrious guests complete an online application.

Who should we get in touch with to arrange an evaluation or an interview?And remember, only the best of the best will be approached for additional evaluation and/or interviews.

Is it feasible to obtain reimbursed for costs incurred before, during, and after an interview?

But, if you are chosen to take a test or interview, you will not be eligible for TA or DA.

Where can I check to see if there are better opportunities that suit my qualifications?

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Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission PAEC Jobs 2023

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