Do you want to have a job that both challenges and rewards you? If so, you may find what you’re searching for at Pakistan’s Coast Guard. One of the most prestigious police forces is the PCG. The PCG’s mission is to safeguard the coast and Pakistan’s maritime interests. They are the ones that save stranded fishermen and ships, and they are the ones who make sure that dolphins and whales are protected. Keeping up with the latest developments in law enforcement requires constant training, which in turn necessitates the recruitment of capable individuals who are willing to serve their country. Read on for the application procedure! It’s important to note that only Pakistani nationals are eligible to apply for PCG Jobs with the Pakistan Coast Guard. To be a PCG, you must meet the minimum standards listed below. Matriculation with honours or the equivalent from an accredited institution is required for this position. It is required that applicants speak both Urdu and English fluently. Any prospective employee needs to be in good health and comfortable in the water.

Vacancies / Positions

01 Sepoy General Duty
02 Sepoy Clerk
03 Sepoy MT
04 Sepoy Nursing
05 Sepoy Cook
06 Sepoy Carpenter
07 Sepoy Painter
08 Sepoy SMT
09 Sepoy VM
10 Sepoy Auto Electrician
11 Sepoy Armorer
12 Religious Teacher
13 NCs E Welder
14 NCs E Carpenter
15 NCs E Tailor
16 NCs E Painter
17 NCs E Khalasi
18 NCs E Mess Waiter
19 NCs E Mali
20 NCs E Cobbler
21 NCs E Barber
22 NCs E Sanitary Worker
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The Pakistani Coast Guard (PCG) is a special branch of the Pakistani military that reports directly to the Ministry of Defense. The PCG is acting as a responsible branch of the Pakistani armed forces in various volatile regions of the country. To preserve Pakistan’s autonomy, territorial integrity, and national sovereignty, the PCG has been diligently working in a wide range of security-related disciplines. In order to prevent smuggling, drug trafficking, and other criminal activities, it is tasked with guarding the Arabian Sea coastline of Pakistan. It is also accountable for ensuring that Pakistan’s maritime laws and regulations are strictly enforced.

Important Note for Pakistan Coast Guards Jobs

People who aren’t afraid of heights are sought out by the PCG. The Pakistani Civil Guard (PCG) is a paramilitary organisation that also serves as a uniformed branch of Pakistan’s central government. It is an organisation that enforces the law at sea and is charged with keeping the waters off Pakistan’s coasts secure and safe. The Pakistan Coast Guard (PCG) is an elite branch of the Pakistani armed forces and an integral part of the navy. Defense, preservation, and promotion of Pakistan’s marine interests; protection of coastal residents from natural calamities; and other missions fall under the purview of this armed force.

Pre Eminence

Their mission is to defend the country’s coastline and safeguard its marine interests. Consider these pointers in preparation for an officer position with PCG. When it comes to PCG, size matters. All officers in the PCG are required to participate in professional development programmes every two years. This is done to ensure that they are equipped with the most recent information and techniques in their respective fields. It now has jurisdiction over an area stretching hundreds of miles from the coast of Pakistan. Besides military activities, PCG also conducts humanitarian missions and other nonmilitary tasks within Pakistan, such as search and rescue.

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