Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Pakistanis work for the government. There are numerous subsets within Pakistan’s public sector. Various groups have different responsibilities since they all work towards different ends. As a developing nation with a dynamic job market, Pakistan offers a wide range of opportunities for ambitious workers. Jobs in the public sector are a good place to start, but they often require a college degree, even though there are other options for people without a four-year degree. It’s likely that you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field like economics, politics, international relations, sociology, psychology, etc. These government jobs in Pakistan typically pay roughly $300,000 annually, or $25,000 monthly.

Title Public Sector Organization Careers 2023
Posted On 2023-02-14
Employment Type Full Time
Hiring Organization Public Sector Organization
Location Islamabad
Base Salary PKR

Detail / Job,s

District Project Officer
Capacity Building Officer
Social Mobilizer
Territory Officer
Admin Assistant
Finance Assistant
Warehouse Incharge
Security Guard
Data Entry Operator
Jr. Assistant-I
Newspaper- Daily DAWN

Important Note for Public Sector Organization Jobs

In Pakistan, public sector institutions have transformed the country for the better. Providing a service to the public that cannot be obtained from the private sector is a primary role for government agencies. Since their primary function is to serve the public, it seems sense that organisations in the public sector provide public services to the public. All sorts of government agencies and departments operate in Pakistan. Any conceivable government agency or industry is represented by government-run groups. To make these public sector institutions more effective, society as a whole must assess their current state and make necessary changes to their policies.

Pre Eminence

The public sector plays a vital role in our society, but it also bears a heavy load. People with relevant experience and a desire to contribute to the common good can find work in the public sector. When it comes to creating new jobs, the public sector is crucial in many countries, including Pakistan. Public organisations can reach more people and include them in improving the economy and providing needed services. Although Pakistan’s public sector is now somewhat tiny, it is growing as a result of its profitability. Pakistan’s public sector is vital to the country’s economy since it employs so many people. Additionally, it supplies Pakistanis with a wide range of necessities.

Note for Public Sector Organization Careers

A sizable portion of Pakistan’s GDP is generated by the government. The private sector is not responsible for the country’s development and administration, yet this is its job in the United States. All publicly sponsored agencies and organisations are part of the public sector. Some potential employers in the public sector are listed below. Depending on your area of expertise, the government sector offers a wide range of career opportunities. Check out the current job openings in Pakistan.


The majority of Pakistanis hold jobs in the public sector, making it an essential part of the country’s economy. There are many opportunities for employment in Pakistan’s public sector; here we explore the many positions available and the training and experience that each requires. In the chairs of these groups are some of the most influential people in the country. However, there are numerous secrets that nobody is aware of.


These groups have been quietly advancing our nation’s progress towards modernity for decades. Pakistanis are currently going through a rough patch. They’re prepared to take on any industry’s workload. In addition, the government of Pakistan has given the green light to the launch of a slew of new government agencies. Applying for positions across multiple divisions is a time-consuming and repetitive process. This process is very laborious and pricey. One may wonder, however, how departments select individuals who barely meet the minimum requirements for the job. This is because there is no systematic approach to hiring new staff. Here are a few ideas about how to make hiring better in the public sector.

Public Sector Organization Jobs 2023

FAQs for Public Sector Organization Jobs

How do I apply for these jobs?

If interested, see the above Ad announcement for details on how to apply (online, by email, or by mail).

for this position, please refer to the advertisement posted above for information on how to do so (online, via email, or via regular mail). But late applications won’t be considered.

Can assistance be obtained with the application form?
To help our valued guests, we do offer assistance in filling out an online application.

For whom will the testing/interview invitations be issued?
Only top candidates will be contacted for further examination and interviews.
Travel and hotel reimbursement for these positions?
Test and interview participants will not get travel or per diems.

Ways to find more suitable employment opportunities
As a result, we are always adding new employment opportunities across a wide range of sectors and functions on jobgar.com.

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