The Sui Southern Gas Company Ltd SSGC, which is owned and operated by the government of Pakistan, is looking for both male and female candidates who hold Pakistani citizenship. In a similar vein, occupations are either temporary or based on a contract. In addition, the appointment will be made based on merit in accordance with provincial and regional quotas. Yet, an enticing remuneration package that is appropriate with the applicant’s credentials and experience will be provided for them to consider. In addition to that, the employee is given the opportunity to select from a range of benefits, including health insurance, life insurance, and provident funds.

Detail / Vacancies

Senior Internal Auditor
Internal Auditor
Assistant Survey Officer
Map Curator
Record Keeper
Supply Chain
Human Resources
Newspaper- Daily DAWN

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Employment Opportunities at Sui Southern Gas Company Limited

How can I get my resume to the right people?

Applicants who are interested in the position can read the ad notification that was provided above in order to learn whether the application process is conducted online, via email, or by hand. Nonetheless, the application must be submitted before the deadline in order to be considered.

Is it possible, in any way, to seek assistance with completing the application form??Sure, we are able to provide our respected site users with assistance in the process of submitting an online application form.

Who will be contacted in order to schedule a time for the interview or the examination so that it can take place?

And remember, we will not be contacting anyone who did not make it this far until further testing or interviews are necessary.

Do potential workers bear the cost of their own transportation to the interview site and lodging if they want to be considered for these jobs?

Contrarily, neither TA nor DA will be tolerated for the applicants who have been invited in for an examination or interview.

Where can I look for new job vacancies that are a good fit for my skills and experience, and what should I do to find them?

As a result, you will be able to find a wide variety of open positions on jobgar.com, which receives consistent updates.

Sui Southern Gas Company Limited SSGC Jobs 2023

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